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Aquafog® Fine-mist fogging units

  • Evaporative cooling
  • Humidification
  • Fumigation

There’s no mistery..
about Aquafog®

Aquafog® may mystify the competition; but don’t let the low prices fool you, these units are top quality and built to last. The fine-mist fogging fans handles a broad range of application uses. Our advanced, innovative technology gives Aquafog it’s decisive edge.

Aquafog atomizer humidifier systems produce a very fine cool mist fog used for spot & indoor outdoor area cooling cooler. Powerful humidifiers Turbo XE fans, HRSM for adding moisture up to 100% RH for greenhouses, greenhouse cooling and propagation, concrete curing, mushrooms growing, wine and industrial warehouse storage system. Pest control chemical fumigation pesticide ULV fogging for may commercial and industrial applications. Aquafog 700 misting for outdoors events, zoos, patio, orchids, livestock and horses.

  • Hanging fan and portable units
  • Adjustable misting fogging outputs
  • Stand-alone units; requiring no high pressure pumps or massive air supply lines
  • Accepts ordinary water supplies, no filtration necessary
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Made in USA

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