Commercial & Industrial Plant Humidification

Aquafog® Excels in Industrial Humidification Systems and Applications

The largest range of applications for the Turbo XE's is also the easiest for them to succeed in. Since lower humidification levels are usually the requirement, Turbo XE’s can show off their true performance capabilities with coverages averaging nearly 6,000 square feet per fan. Mechanical humidistats also work great at lower RH ranges and combined with Turbo XE's, can usually exceed the customer’s demand. For this application, commercial and industrial humidification equipment life span averages 12+ years with little maintenance.

Common uses are for:

  • Wood Products
  • Paper & Cardboard Products
  • Textile Weaving Operations
  • Static Electricity Control
  • Large Printhouse Operations
  • Warehouse Product Storage
  • Dust Control & Insulation Manufacturing


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