Mobile Fan Atomizer

"Hellcat" in tribute to the dominant f6f Hellcat (WW2 fighter)

CoolAire Hellcat is efficient with powerful capability. A mobile fine-mist fogging system with large reservoir tank. Applications include:

Evaporative Cooling, Humidification and Chemical Fogging.

CoolAire Hellcat can be manually filled and operated or connected to a secondary control for (automated) long-term operation. Simply fill the tank to last a few days or connect it to a water supply for automatic re-filling. Its unique blade design atomizes and propels fogging output using one single speed motor, reducing components and cost. CoolAire can quickly set-up / break down, securing the atomizer assembly into it’s tank for convenient storage and transportation.

  • 103,800 Btu/h | 70 Gallon Tank
  • 13 GPH Output Capability
  • Pivot Fogging Head
  • Auto Shut-Off Feature
  • Oscillation Sweeps: 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

CoolAire Hellcat

Tank (Heavy-duty)

Tank holds up to 70 gallons/ 265 liters of water.

The atomizing fan transports and stores within the tank.

  • Easy access pop-off/on lid

Set-up & Break-down (1 Person)

Nearly any person can set-up or break-down CoolAire. The weight of the atomizing fan is less than 40lbs. Lifting the fan assembly from the tank is an easy task when utilizing the two convenient hand-holds.

  • Accomplish in 1 minute, no tools required

Pivoting Atomizing Head

Easy Pivot Adjustment, no tools required

  • Pivot: Adjustable from 7.5 to 30º upward angle
  • Enhance Performance
  • Ideal for all applications including humidification & chemical fogging

Mist propelled up high has more time to evaporate, as cool humidified air naturally descends. An upward angle allows for greater fog output while keeping floors/equipment dry.

Control Panel (2 Modes)

Features two operational modes:

[ON] - for manual or automated operation (when combined with additional control).

[SHUT-OFF mode] - will automatically turn off the unit when tank becomes empty.

  • 1/4-turn flow control regulates misting output between Maximum and Minimum preset levels

Adjustable Oscillator (4 Sweeps)

Optimize cooling performance by adjusting the sweep angle. Gain up to 50% more time in areas you want to emphasize and eliminate time sweeping negative areas.

  • Sweep Angles 30°, 45°, 60° and 75°
  • Methodical - 10 second sweep movement
  • Adjust in 20 seconds, no tools required

Automatic Fill

Connect to a garden hose and fill the tank unsupervised. An internal float valve will stop water flow and can maintain a full tank during operation.

For longer term operations, an optional tubing connection replaces the garden hose. Obtaining a more durable and manageable water supply line.

Jaybird’s Rear-Feed Blade

Our exclusive blade design is a significant product development, enhancing reliability and performance.

ABB Wash-Down-Duty Motor

  • Industrial grade
  • For use around water

Heavy-Duty Wheels

Premium Performance

  • Easy Push & Smooth Glide
  • Convenient Access to Step-on-Brakes
  • Double action brakes - secures swivel movement & wheel rotation

5 Star Materials

Premium Performance

  • Twill Weave Carbon Fiber
  • Lots of 304 (18-8) Stainless Steel
  • Rain Tight (IP 65) Light Indicating Switches

Evaporative Cooling:

103,800 Btuh

83,100 Btu/h 50Hz

Tank Capacity:

70 US gal / 265 L

Net Fogging Output:

Min. 2.75 GPH / 8.2 L

Max. 12.8 GPH / 48.5 L

Run Time (full tank):

@ max setting - 5.5 hrs.

Propulsion Distance:

(interior conditions)

air flow @ 10 ft. 12.5 mph

air flow @ 25 ft. 6 mph

air flow @ 50 ft. 2.5 mph

Housing Diameter:

21 in / 53.3 cm

Blade Diameter:

14 in / 35.6 cm


3,000 / 2450 50Hz

Oscillation Sweeps:

30°, 45°, 60°, 75°

Pivot Capability:

Up to 30°

Noise @ 10 ft:

72 dB(A) - 60Hz

69 dB(A) - 50Hz


1/2 HP - 7.4A @ 115V 60Hz

1/3 HP - 4.4A @ 240V 50Hz


Indoors / Outdoors

90% RH | NEMA 3 / IP 65

UV Stabilized

Product Dimensions:

W 29 x L 40 x H 65 inches


120 lbs / 54.4 kg

Shipping Weight:

166 lbs / 75.3 kg

Country of Origin:


  • Tube Connection Kit

    3/8 OD tube fittings, adaptor and valve

    Connect CoolAire using tubing instead of a garden hose.

    Tubing provides higher PSI security, allows for longer plumbing
    runs and gives adaptability for more permanent installations.

    3/8 TCK $83.00
  • 3/8 OD Tubing

    3/8" OD x 1/4 ID Black Polyethylene tubing.

    • 2" Bend Radius
    • 230 psi @ 70° F
    W-38-100 $75.00
  • Digital Humidistat Control

    Environmental Controller w/ Humidity Sensor

    A precision controller suitable for many applications. Control is very fast
    acting, displays humidity levels and has programmable differential range.
    - Not recommended in prolonged use above 90% RH.

    • Fast-acting Digital Sensor
    • Range 5-99% RH
    • Rated up to 1800W (15A @ 115V)
    • Over-Humidity and Sensor Fault Alarm

    DH-120 $129.00
  • Humidistat Control

    Dependable, Easy to Use

    Ideal for control in applications under 80% RH. Controller incorporates a
    mechanical-action humidistat sensor along with a starter contactor. For
    reliable start of high inrush loads of the devices being automated.

    • Range 20-80% RH
    • Differential approximately 7%
    • Rain-tight Enclosure
    • 30A Contactor DPST

    H-120 $179.00
  • Thermostat Control

    If your main interest is evaporative cooling

    If your interest is in evaporative cooling, the thermostat control is the best choice to automate your XE mobile units.

    • Water-tight Nema 4X
    • Differential 3º F
    • Control range 40-110º F
    • 100- 250V 50/60Hz
    TH-180 $149.00
  • Timer Control
    Timer Control

    Excellent for controlling long operation cycles

    Often the choice for applications when humidity is desired above 80%. Using extended cycle operation, the operator can attempt to control humidity levels utilizing manual control of the flowmeter panel.

    Time cycles as short as 1 hour. Two sets of on/off trippers provided.

    • Controls up to two Turbo XEs
    • 50Hz Timers are electronic (digital)
    TC-120 $195.00
  • Temperature-Humidity Meter

    Ideal for applications below 95% Relative Humidity

    This precision hand-held thermo/hygrometer is ideal for measuring and monitoring ambient temperatures and relative humidity in a wide range of professional and industrial applications. Dual readout LCD displays
    in °F or °C.

    • Temperature range/accuracy: 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)/1.8°F (1°C)
    • Humidity range/accuracy: 20 to 95%RH /3%
    • Response time: 60 seconds
    • Power source: CR2032 Lithium-ion battery (included)
    CP-205 $85.00