Mobile Fan Atomizer

"Spirit" in honor to the amazing B2 Spirit (stealth bomber)

CoolAire Spirit has OSHA compliant guards and lower noise. A mobile fine-mist fogging system with large reservoir tank. Applications include: Evaporative Cooling, Humidification and Chemical Fogging.

CoolAire Spirit can be manually filled and operated or connected to a secondary control for (automated) long-term operation. Simply fill the tank to last a few days or connect it to a water supply for automatic re-filling. Its unique blade design atomizes and propels fogging output using one single speed motor, reducing components and cost. CoolAire can quickly set-up / break down, securing the atomizer assembly into it’s tank for convenient storage and transportation.

  • 41,200 Btu/h | 70 Gallon Tank
  • 5 GPH Output Capability
  • Pivot Fogging Head
  • Auto Shut-Off Feature
  • Oscillation Sweeps: 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

CoolAire Spirit

Tank (Heavy-duty)

Tank holds up to 70 gallons/ 265 liters of water.

The atomizing fan transports and stores within the tank.

  • Easy access pop-off/on lid

Set-up & Break-down (1 Person)

Nearly any person can set-up or break-down CoolAire. The weight of the atomizing fan is less than 30lbs. Lifting the fan assembly from the tank is an easy task when utilizing the two convenient hand-holds.

  • Accomplish in 1 minute, no tools required

Pivoting Atomizing Head

Easy Pivot Adjustment, no tools required

  • Pivot: Adjustable from 7.5 to 30º upward angle
  • Enhance Performance
  • Ideal for all applications including humidification & chemical fogging

Mist propelled up high has more time to evaporate, as cool humidified air naturally descends. An upward angle allows for greater fog output while keeping floors/equipment dry.

Control Panel (2 Modes)

Features two operational modes:

[ON] - for manual or automated operation (when combined with additional control).

[SHUT-OFF mode] - will automatically turn off the unit when tank becomes empty.

  • 1/4-turn flow control regulates misting output between Maximum and Minimum preset levels

Adjustable Oscillator (4 Sweeps)

Optimize cooling performance by adjusting the sweep angle. Gain up to 50% more time in areas you want to emphasize and eliminate time sweeping negative areas.

  • Sweep Angles 30°, 45°, 60° and 75°
  • Methodical - 10 second sweep movement
  • Adjust in 20 seconds, no tools required

Automatic Fill

Connect to a garden hose and fill the tank unsupervised. An internal float valve will stop water flow and can maintain a full tank during operation.

For longer term operations, an optional tubing connection replaces the garden hose. Obtaining a more durable and manageable water supply line.

Jaybird’s Rear-Feed Blade

Our exclusive blade design is a significant product development, enhancing reliability and performance.

ABB Wash-Down-Duty Motor

  • Industrial grade
  • For use around water

Heavy-Duty Wheels

Premium Performance

  • Easy Push & Smooth Glide
  • Convenient Access to Step-on-Brakes
  • Double action brakes - secures swivel movement & wheel rotation

OSHA Guards

Water droplets usually build up and fly off any guard or object placed in front of a misting fan. But give this unique hydrophilic guard 30 seconds (to get wet) and watch the flying droplets disappear. Water droplets wick down into the housing to be captured and recycled.

  • Meets OSHA Regulations
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Processed to achieve hydrophilic properties

5 Star Materials

Premium Performance

  • Twill Weave Carbon Fiber
  • Lots of 304 (18-8) Stainless Steel
  • Rain Tight (IP 65) Light Indicating Switches

Evaporative Cooling:

41,229 Btuh

30,618 Btu/h 50Hz

Tank Capacity:

70 US gal / 265 L

Net Fogging Output:

Min. 1.6 GPH / 50Hz 5.0 L

Max. 5.1 GPH / 50Hz 14.3 L

Run Time (full tank):

@ max setting - 13.9 hrs.

Propulsion Distance:

(interior conditions)

air flow @ 10 ft. 7 mph

air flow @ 20 ft. 4 mph

air flow @ 30 ft. 2 mph

Housing Diameter:

21 in / 53.3 cm

Blade Diameter:

14 in / 35.6 cm


1800 / 1440 50Hz

Oscillation Sweeps:

30°, 45°, 60°, 75°

Pivot Capability:

Up to 30°

Noise @ 10 ft:

69 dB(A) - 60Hz

66 dB(A) - 50Hz


1/4 HP - 4.8A @ 115V 60Hz

1/5 HP - 2.2A @ 230V 50Hz


Indoors / Outdoors

90% RH | NEMA 3 / IP 65

UV Stabilized

Product Dimensions:

W 29 x L 40 x H 65 inches


110 lbs / 49.9 kg

Shipping Weight:

156 lbs / 70.8 kg

Country of Origin:


  • Tube Connection Kit

    3/8 OD tube fittings, adaptor and valve

    Connect CoolAire using tubing instead of a garden hose.

    Tubing provides higher PSI security, allows for longer plumbing
    runs and gives adaptability for more permanent installations.

    3/8 TCK $83.00
  • 3/8 OD Tubing

    3/8" OD x 1/4 ID Black Polyethylene tubing.

    • 2" Bend Radius
    • 230 psi @ 70° F
    W-38-100 $75.00
  • Digital Humidistat Control

    Environmental Controller w/ Humidity Sensor

    A precision controller suitable for many applications. Control is very fast acting, displays humidity levels and has programmable differential range.

    - Not recommended for prolonged use above 90% RH.

    • Fast-acting Digital Sensor
    • Range 5-99% RH
    • Rated up to 1200W (10A @ 115V)
    • Over-Humidity and Sensor Fault Alarm

    DH-36 $89.00
  • Jaybird Humidistat

    Dependable, Easy to Use
    This pre-wired humidistat is ideal for control in applications under 80% RH.
    Controller incorporates a mechanical-action sensor with simple dial control.
    • Range 20-80% RH
    • Differential approximately 7%
    • Rated up to 1400W (12A @ 115V)
    • Piggy-back plug, device connect

    *This item is available for bulk purchases both labeled and unlabeled.
    Contact manufacturer directly for price and availability.

    110-250V 60/50Hz
    XE-36 $89.00
  • Cycle Timer Control

    Want to maintain high humidity above 80% then this pre-wired time-cycle control is what you may need. Select time cycles ranging from 30 seconds to 4 hours.

    • Water-tight Nema 4X
    • Includes 115V piggy-back plug

    115V 60Hz
    CTA-120 $97.00
  • Thermostat Control

    If your primary interest is indoor evaporative cooling, then this pre-wired control is what you need to automate your unit.

    • Water-tight Nema 4X
    • Control range 40-110º F
    • Differential 2º F
    • Includes 115V piggy-back plug

    110-250V 60/50Hz
    THA-120 $119.00
  • Temperature-Humidity Meter

    Ideal for applications below 95% Relative Humidity

    This precision hand-held thermo/hygrometer is ideal for measuring and monitoring ambient temperatures and relative humidity in a wide range of professional and industrial applications. Dual readout LCD displays
    in °F or °C.

    • Temperature range/accuracy: 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)/1.8°F (1°C)
    • Humidity range/accuracy: 20 to 95%RH /3%
    • Response time: 60 seconds
    • Power source: CR2032 Lithium-ion battery (included)
    CP-205 $85.00
  • 24 Hour Timer Control

    For automating on/off cycles

    This reliable mechanical timer turns power on and off at selected intervals. Ideal for dawn-to-dusk type applications. Rain-tight enclosure, 115V - 15A receptacle.

    • Two sets of on/off trippers provided
    • Minimum 30 minute intervals

    115V 60Hz
    TA-120 $59.00