XE Mobile

Questions you should know before purchasing

  • How does the XE Mobile series compare with other systems? Chart
  • What is the fog particle size and will floors get wet? Answer
  • How loud are the Mobile units? Video
  • Do these atomize identically to the Turbo XE series? Answer
  • What are the pros and cons of XE Mobile vs Turbo XE fans? Answer

Targeted Questions

  • Do I have a 50 or 60Hz power supply? PDF
  • Should I use a humidistat control with the HRSM? Answer
  • Can I use a metering pump with the ORSM? Answer
  • How much pesticide should I use in a CRSM? Answer
  • Can I achieve evaporative cooling indoors? Answer
  • How do I know when the environment is near 100% RH? Answer