“Good evening, we recently bought a XE-HRSM-2000 from you guys. WOW. What a machine this is. We are sooooo satisfied with what this thing can do. This has far surpassed the expectations that we initially had. We use it in our hog barn to disinfect. What used to be 1.5 hours of pulling hose around and filling disinfecting bottles is now done to 5 minutes of filling the machine and plugging it in and rinsing it out when done. In short this is “AMAZING”.”

Levi Stahl

Saranac, Michigan

“this product is the only mist machine that is absolutely functional! I love love love it so much I have bought 2 of them!...manufacturer is so easy to talk to if you have any issues. I don’t think I have ever dealt with finer folks! use with humidistat for best results!”


Amarillo TX

“Great Purchase ... Its worked perfectly, not only is the room the humidity i wanted, but all my seedlings have shown rapid growth!!!”

Greenhouse Megastore

Legacy Review

“We received your unit 2 weeks ago and have been giving it extensive use, and have found it to be EXCELLENT! It performs very well and I can see many situations where it can help us. Very high quality product you manufacture, very pleased with it for both cost and value.”

Mike Reihs

John Holmlund Nursery

(Owner of an XE-HRSM-2000)

“...The fog produced by the Turbo fan was superior to the fog produced by our atomizers. The fog was very evenly distributed throughout the room and among the logs.”...“At our location, reverse osmosis purified water was required to prevent the precipitate clogging with the atomizers. Also, large volumes of compressed air were required for the atomizers. When we switched to the Turbo, we were able to eliminate both of these costly components from our production costs. Thanks for having a great product. My only regret is that we hadn’t heard of it sooner.”

P. Masuda, Plant Manager

Takara Mushrooms Inc.

Hendersonville, NC

“This is the first time in our 23 years when I was able to create a completely insect free environment. I used your fogger religiously every 10-14 days with a good chemical rotation. There was not a thrip, aphid or spider mite in the place all spring.”

M. Reichenberger

Green Thumb Greenhouses, Inc., Independence, KS

(Owner of an XE-CRSM)

“aquafog jaybird delight ... I think for the money you get an awesome bang fo your buck. Easy to install and excellent performance as far as the product goes thus far.”

Dan C

Greenhouse Megastore

“A note to say thank you for the great service and for sending the updated float valve assembly. It has been installed for several weeks without issue.”

D O’Connor

Chico, CA

“Thank you for providing this service, along with designing a great machine.”

L. Thoerle

Barnesville, MD

“Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the new Hydro SS. I’ve had it installed now for about 1 week and it is wonderful. I was at our Vancouver Orchid Society meeting last night and told several people that it’s the greatest thing since apple pie. It raises the humidity in my 8’ x 16’ greenhouse from about 50% to 90% in five minutes without getting all the plants dripping wet. Orchids love that extra humidity. I was also pleased to see such fast service in getting it up here.”

D. McDermid

Vancouver, Canada

“...I was pleasantly surprised at the speed in which it arrived, and that it was quite easy to install. It is now fully operational and already I have observed positive results.” ...“I just wanted you to know that so far, I think highly of your product and its capabilities. I was impressed by the service I received and look forward to working with you again in the near future. Thank you.”

S. Zalkind, Staff Horticulturist

The Rod McLellan Co.