Need to Know FAQs

XE Mobile

Need to Know FAQs

  • What is the fog particle size and will floors get wet?

    The low volume output CRSM and ORSM units have particle sizes averaging less than 10 microns. Floors or nearby surfaces do not get wet.

    Particle sizes for the HRSM range from 10 to 40 microns with the probability of slightly wet floors near the unit in most interior applications.

    HRSMs have an adjustable flow control that produces a range of particle sizes.

    1. @ high fog output, particle size averages 40 microns in size
    2. @ mid fog output, particle size averages 25 microns in size
    3. @ low fog output, particle size averages 10 microns in size

    Particles measuring 50 microns or smaller will usually evaporate before hitting the floor. “Mother Nature’s” fog averages 5 to 10 microns in size.

    Whether your floors become wet or stay dry is largely dependent on the amount of fogging output and the unit’s mounting height. The fine-line between maximizing fog output and maintaining floor dryness is usually achievable. Every customer has different needs and this is why the adjustable flowmeter control is a key feature.

    Even the smallest fog particles can collide with others and result in fallout, while Turbo XEs also have occasional water drops fall from their housing. It's important to consider these factors when installing fogging equipment. We recommend suspending units up high and where there is no sensitive equipment directly underneath.

  • Do these atomize identically to the Turbo XE series?

    Yes, the Mobile units are essentially Turbo XEs equipped with mobile recirculation tanks underneath.

  • What are the pros and cons of XE Mobile vs Turbo XE fans?

    XE Mobile

    1. Highly mobile
    2. Easy to add chemicals for fumigation
    3. Easy to transport to demonstration sites
    4. No nearby drainage necessary
    5. Reuses its own waste water
    6. Installation takes less time and costs less
    7. Can better handle rugged terrains
    8. On/off power switches
    9. Arrives fully assembled
    1. Greater original equipment costs
    2. Fewer accessories available

    XE Turbo

    1. Lower original equipment costs
    2. Fewer parts, resulting in greater dependability
    3. Mountable up high, which allows for front guard removal and better performance
    4. Unit can be rotated during operation
    5. Greater selection of accessories available
    6. Unit can be shipped by common carrier (UPS)
    1. Nearby drainage required
    2. Difficult to relocate once installed
    3. Difficult to setup for demonstrations
    4. Assembly required